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Teochew Vernacular Expressions 潮州方言”土話“

Teochew is a language full of rich expressions. How many of the Teochew vernacular terms (土話) in this video do you know?

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Learn Diosua Ue with Juyee 和如意學潮汕話

A fellow Teochew in the UK is running a blog, Learn Diosua Ue with Juyee 和如意學潮汕話, since 2013 to help English speakers learn and appreciate our mother tongue. Her name, you guessed it, is Juyee 如意.

Juyee's blog is at

Juyee grew up speaking English and picked up Teochew, both speaking, reading, writing only as an adult. The Teochew Store recently spoke with her to find out more about her blog and her personal experiences in becoming fluent in our language, a formidable task for many of us!

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Let's Test Your Teochew (6) 來!來!考考你的潮州話 (六)

How did you fare in the previous rounds? This is the 6th and final challenge!


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Let's Test Your Teochew (5) 來!來!考考你的潮州話 (五)

Are you getting better at this?


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Inspiring One Another

One Teochew project inspiring another. This is a story by itself.
The Teochew Letters website ( was built 10 years ago by student project team from the Shantou University (STU) Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication to publicise the submission of the “Qiaopi and Yinxin Correspondence and Remittance Documents from Overseas Chinese” as a documentary heritage in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.
Little did we know that the film we produced, Letters of A Family On Two Shores 《彼岸家書》, would one day inspire a Teochew in France to create an animation film in Teochew language, "The Forest of Miss Tang" 《陳小姐的森林》, that portrays a Teochew family over six generations in Swatow, China, from the 19th century to the present. The film is in the final stages of production and will be broadcast on television by Arte, a European public service channel.
The fundraising for "The Forest of Miss Tang" is in its final three days. Do give the film director Denis Do (杜来顺)and his team your support if you can. Gaginang!
More on the film and how to contribute here:
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1997 Publicity Video: Affection of Chaozhou 1997 年潮語宣傳片《情系潮州》 - 走向新輝煌

Publicity Video: Affection of Chaozhou - On the Path of Glory. This is a video of Chaozhou (Teochew) City (comprising the old Teo-Ann and Jao-peng counties) from a publicity series produced in the mid-1990s. 

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Let's Test Your Teochew 來!來!考考你的潮州話 - 2 More Videos

Here are our two latest videos for your Teochew language challenge! 

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International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. This film featuring a day in the life of a devoted Teochew mother is dedicated to all the wondrous women in our big family. (dialogue in Teochew with Chinese subtitles). 💗
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Let's Test Your Teochew (2) 來!來!考考你的潮州話 (二)

Are you game for one more round? 想挑戰多一輪嗎?

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Let's Test Your Teochew (1) 來!來!考考你的潮州話 (一)

How well can you speak Teochew? 你的潮州話說的怎麼樣?
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1997 Teochew Publicity Video: Today's Jieyang 1997年潮語宣傳片: 《今日揭陽》

Gek-yor (or Kityang or Jieyang) was one of the Teochew prefecture's 8 counties and today the area's third largest city. Take a look at how this historical settlement looked like in the mid-1990s. (video dialogue in Teochew with Chinese and English subtitles)
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5 Teochew Sentimental Songs You Will Love 五首動聽潮語情感歌曲

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The Last Day of the Chinese New Year

Today is the 15th and last day of the Chinese New Year. Also called Tsap Ngou Meh 十五暝 or Nguang Siao Zoih 元宵節. 

Teochews mark this day with prayers for the family, more feasting, riddle guessing games and open lantern parades. Because this day provided a rare opportunity for single young men and women to meet publicly in the past, it has also been compared as the "Chinese Valentine's Day".

On this beautiful note, we leave you with this wonderful Teochew language remix of Zhou Xuan's famous 1940 classic "Full Moon Blooming Flower" (月圓花好).

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“The Forest of Miss Tang" - An Upcoming Teochew Animation Film Needs Your Help

An animation film telling the history of the Teochew people, directed by a Teochew and dubbed entirely in Teochew language by 3 generations of Teochews living in France. How can you not be EXCITED?!

“The Forest of Miss Tang" (陳小姐的森林) is in an advanced stage of production and it needs funding support to be complete. The project has so far raised over €20,000 through crowd funding, but more support is still needed for it to be better.

The Teochew Store is lending our voice to this fund raising campaign as we believe this is a much worthy cause.

Watch the introduction video of the film by director Denis Do below (in French with English subtitles). To back the production of "The Forest of Miss Tang", click here for the project fundraising page

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1987 Teochew Musical Movie - Sounds of Teochew 《潮人鄉音》

Have you ever watched a Teochew musical movie? Check out this rare classic that showcases a variety of Teochew art forms, including cross talk (相聲), bamboo clapper singing (竹板歌), Teochew classical music (潮州音樂), Teochew opera (潮劇),  Teochew narrative songbooks (潮州歌冊), ballads (歌謠), etc.

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5 Songs For Gaginangs No Matter Where You Live 潮州人 家己人

When you need a Gaginang "rush" in this coming Chinese New Year
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"Morning Sun Shining On Ghua Bhe Lou" 《晨光照入外馬路》- Teochew Movie "Back to Love" soundtrack 潮州電影《帶你去見我媽》插曲.

Bet you haven't watched an MV like this 😜
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Teochew for English Speakers – a Grandfather’s Effort to Pass on Our Language Heritage

Meet Mr Tan Peng Boon, a 78-year-old grandfather in Singapore. He is a Teochew and nine years ago he created a website with the goal of enabling English-speakers to pick up the Teochew language. Remarkably, the retiree took upon himself to learn how to build a website in order to realise this.

The Teochew Store recently spoke with Mr Tan to find out the story behind his passion to keep alive his Teochew heritage and his “Teochew for English Speakers” website.

“Teochew for English Speakers” can be accessed from

Video of Mr. Tan's grandsons doing a lively recitation of Teochew nursery rhyme “A Pear Tree on the Hilltop”):

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NEW! - Spoken Dioziu Anki Flashcards

Did you make a resolution in 2022 to learn Teochew? 🧐We are here to help.
The Teochew Store is pleased to announce the creation of our Spoken Dioziu (潮州話口語) Anki flashcards (available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) that contain over 650 commonly used Teochew short sentences, phrases and vocabulary terms.
Spoken Dioziu is a text-cum-audio self-learning course. It can be downloaded for free in mp3 sound file + .srt subtitle format from The Teochew Store website.
"Anki" (暗記), which means "memorisation" in Japanese, is a spaced repetition-flashcard software program. It can be used on computers as well as Android and iOs devices.
Instructions to download our Spoken Dioziu Anki flashcards and how to use the Anki system can be found from this link.
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5 Teochew Songs to Start Your Day 五首開啟新一天的潮語歌

How about kicking off the first week of the New Year with 5 Teochew songs to start your day? 😃

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Conversational Teochew In A Month - Anki Flashcards in Simplified Chinese

This took us a while 😅, but we are pleased to share that our Conversational Teochew in a Month (潮州话一月通) Anki flashcards are now available in simplified Chinese.
"Conversational Teochew In A Month" is a text-cum-audio self-learning course that is available for free download in both mp3 sound file + .srt subtitle and Audiobook (.epub file) formats from The Teochew Store website, as well as on our YouTube channel.
Instructions to download our free Conversational Teochew in a Month Anki flashcards and how to use the Anki system can be found on our product page,
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Spoken Dioziu 潮州話口語 - full course on YouTube

We are systematically uploading the Spoken Diozu 《潮州話口語》 self-learning course onto YouTube for all who wish to learn or improve speaking, listening and reading 🧐 in Teochew.

The video to Level 1 Lesson 1 can be found below.

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Conversational Teochew In A Month - full course now on YouTube

Learning to speak Teochew? Our popular Conversational Teochew In A Month course, all 20 lessons (English-Teochew version), is now available on The Teochew Store YouTube channel 😏
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Teochew Home News - A Publication of Our Own

Goh Yee Siang (吳以湘) was born in 1912 in Nio-ior village, Sou-uang town, Thenghai County (澄海縣蘇灣都蓮陽鄉) (now Nio-zie town, Thenghai district, Swatow city [汕頭市澄海區蓮上鎮]). He was the editor-in-chief of a well-known publication Teochew Home News (潮州鄉訊) that was founded in Singapore in the late 1940s.
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New Teochew self-learning course: Spoken Dioziu 潮州話口語 (audio with English and written Teochew subtitles)

Spoken Diozu 《潮州話口語》is a step up from our popular Conversational Teochew In A Month 《潮州話一月通》 self-learning course. The audio and subtitles (in English and Teochew) materials are adapted from the original publication of the same title (1989) edited by 林伦伦 and 黄章恺.

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Temporary Suspension of Online Orders (updated)

Due to in-country "stay home" restrictions and disruptions of regular international courier services, we regret to announce a temporary suspension of orders for all our books and other items. 

However if you are looking to pick up speaking Teochew or discover a bit of our fascinating culture and history during lockdown, do check out our collection of free-for-download books in English and Chinese from our free digital products page, or visit The Teochew Store blog where we share many originall articles and the creative works of fellow Teochews.

Don't miss out also our YouTube channel that collects many trendy Teochew songs and Teochew language short films!

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Stay Home.

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Teochew Short Film: Uncle Goose Waits for A Phone Call 潮州話短片: 《斷捨離》

Uncle Goose has been waiting. He has lived long enough - 75 years - to understand that patience is always rewarded. Whatever it takes to be in time for his best friend’s phone call. A promise is a promise. Mahjong is mahjong. "Uncle Goose Waits For A Phone Call" stars veteran actor Chen Shucheng in this short film about cherishing and being positive.
A short film produced in Singapore with subtitles in English and Chinese.


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Brief Review – Primary Lessons in Swatow Grammar (Colloquial)

Read our brief review on Primary Lessons in Swatow Grammar (Colloquial), a Teochew grammar guide published in Swatow in 1884 by an American Baptist missionary. Rev. William Ashmore. Out of print for many decades, Primary Lessons in Swatow Grammar (Colloquial) is now selling on
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Teochew Short Film: New Resident 《新民》

65 year old Mdm Tan lives alone in Sin Ming. One day, the local authorities came to catch the free-ranging chickens in a bid to curb their population. Shocked, Mdm Tan decides to do something radical: to catch as many chickens as she can and put inside her flat to save them temporarily. A short film produced in Singapore with subtitles in English and Chinese.
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