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Be Surprised - We Teochews Can Sing, and Beautifully So.

As an overseas Teochew, you probably have at least one, or two, or more favourite Cantonese or Mandarin pop song that grew up with you. And sometimes as the familiar tunes play themselves in your mind, you wonder, why can't we have the same in Teochew? 

The Teochew songs that we had always been exposed to, apart from Teochew opera ones that we may appreciate but cannot understand, were folk ballads that can be cringeworthy, if not downright weird.

Thankfully, things are not all that bad. You see, we Teochews are not only good humoured, our language is rhythmic, we are creative, adaptable and we can sing too.

Click "read more" for a selection of Teochew songs that you'd fall in love with.

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Teochew Movie "Proud of Me" Theme Song: "Father Have You Eaten?" 潮州電影《爸,我一定行的》主题曲: 老父您食未

Performer 演唱:黃澤森
Lyrics 作詞:楊育挺
Music 作曲:李奕瀚
Click Read More for Full Lyrics (Teochew/Chinese and English)
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Teochew Movie "Proud of Me" publicity video 潮州電影《爸,我一定行的》預告片

The first made-in-Teochew movie to be screened soon nationwide in China in recent times. Video uploaded for entertainment purpose.



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Teochew Chinese New Year Song: "Home to Spend the New Year" 潮州-新年歌: 《回家過年》

The Chinese New Year is round the corner. Will you be with the most important people around you?
Performer 演唱: 阿貳
Lyrics 作詞:嫩草、阿貳
Music 作曲:阿貳
Click Read More for full lyrics.
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Teochew Sentimental Song: "Dream of Cung Hiang" 潮州-情感歌曲: 《春香夢》

A delightful modern remake of the classic Teochew opera duet "Love Song" 《愛歌》 sang by the characters Mang Leng (夢龍) and Cung Hiang (春香)
Performer 演唱: 李緒傑
Lyrics 作詞:口袋易百
Music 作曲:李緒傑
(Click for full lyrics)
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Teochew Short Film 潮语微电影: Love in Teoswa 《缘来潮汕》

A story about a girl from Singapore who goes Swatow to learn to sing Teochew opera. Dialogues in Teochew and Mandarin language. A students' production by 汕頭職業技術學院 (Shantou Technical Vocational College).
Listen out also for a number of original Teochew songs!
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Teochew song 潮語歌曲: The Cares of a Loving Mother 慈母個牽掛

An original Teochew song dedicated to all Mothers.
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Teochew Music: “Song for the Drunk" 潮語歌曲: 《醉歌》

A song to go with your beers!

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Watch TV or listen to radio from Teochew on your smartphone? - Now You Can (Part 1)

汕头橄榄台  is an app produced by the Shantou Radio and Television Station (STRTV, 汕头市广播电视台). It serves as a platform to access local news on official announcements, current affairs, food and other activities. Both iOS and Android versions of this app can be downloaded for free from its official site

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Teochew Folk Song (modern cover version) 現代歌詩 - 挨米來飼雞(潮州民謠翻唱版)

A retro-remix of an "oldie" out from Malaysia, entirely appropriate for welcoming the exciting Year of the Rooster!


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Teochew Reggae Music: B.O.K

Entering 2017 in style. Everything will Be Okay, Happy New Year to all!

(click Read More for lyrics)

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Teochew Sentimental Song: "Destined" 潮州-情感歌曲: 《注定》


Teochew remake of Danny Chan's (陳百強) evergreen Cantonese favourite Just Loving You (偏偏喜歡你). (click for lyrics)

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Teochew Rock Music: “Small Town Teochew" 潮州-摇滚歌曲: 《小城潮汕》

Some of us would have heard at least a couple of pieces by  popular Teochew rap group AFinger. Now how about Teochew rock music! “Small Town Teochew" 《小城潮汕》 by Teng Hiok Seng 湯旭昇. (Click Read More for full lyrics)

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Teochew-Mandarin Music 潮州-华语流行歌曲: 《潮汕姿娘》“The Teochew Girl"

A lively song by popular Teochew female singer Mona Zhang 张梦弘. MV is shot in her hometown Pholeng 普宁.  Click "read more" for full lyrics.

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How many ways can you sing the favourite Teochew lullaby?

For some of us, childhood came with the blessing of having grandma singing us to sleep with one or two soothing tunes in Teochew. But even if you were not so fortunate, you'd probably still have come across on social media an all-time favourite Teochew lullaby "Ong ah ong, ong kin kong" (唪啊唪 唪金公).

You have not? Don't worry, there are several versions circulating on YouTube to make sure you don't miss out..

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Teochew-English Music 潮州流行歌曲: Meet You Nice

Click "read more" for full lyrics.

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2016 Teochew New Year Song 潮州电视台金猴年新年歌

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Teochew Chinese New Year Song 潮州新年歌曲:擔句好話賀新年

Not a exactly new New Year Song, but trendy and uplifting for all Gaginang. 祝福大家新年快樂,萬事如意

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Teochew Song: "Living in Swatow" 潮州流行歌曲《活在汕头》

Teochew Hip-hop!

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Teochew Song: "Walking Hand In Hand" 潮州流行歌曲《手牵手行》

Falling in love with Teochew music already...

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Teochew Song: "Dirty Faced Cat" 潮州流行歌曲《花面猫 》

The carefree days of childhood =)
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Teochew Song: Tea Language 潮州流行歌曲:《茶语》

Tea Language《茶语》, a song of a Teochew working abroad reminiscing about family conversations at home. 

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Teochew Song: Ah Ma 潮州流行歌曲《阿嬷》

Ah Ma 阿嬷, a song for one of the most important persons in many of our lives. 

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Teochew Song: Good Morning Swatow! 潮州流行歌曲:《汕頭個猛早》

Good Morning Swatow!.. more great music out of Swatow

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Teochew Song: You gotta trust yourself 潮州流行歌曲 《相信自己》

The Teochew culture is not only about the past and old people. The language is vibrant and alive, and so are the dreams of our youths. Here's an example:

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