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Teochew Short Film 潮語微電影: A Short Summer Evening Dream (Teochew Puppetry) 蟬聲幾度

A warm summer evening, and the puppets came alive!


編劇: 李銳通
木偶導演: 陳培森

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Hong Kong Teochew Festival 2017

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Teochew Documentary: Seeing Teochew 看見潮州

A time-lapse video of the historical Teochew prefectural city, a city more than 1,600 years old.


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Colloquial Teochew 《潮州口语》- A Book for Learning Teochew Phrases

This week The Teochew Store reviews Colloquial Teochew, a book that is the result of four years of dedicated work by a Singaporean Teochew. It compiles more than 6,000 common Teochew sayings and proverbs, and even features 37 Teochew expressions for different ways to cook!

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The Teochew Store is turning THREE ... & we are giving away our hottest selling product

In a month's time The Teochew Store will turn three. We remain a humble set-up, but at the same time just as committed as in the beginning to our mission in Restoring Community to Our People, Bridging Teochew Culture to the World.

In line with our conviction that every Teochew  should be given fullest opportunity and encouragement to be connected with the language, values and culture of our forefathers, we have decided to make available for FREE our store's hottest selling product "Conversational Teochew In A Month", as well as its Chinese versions "潮州话一月通 (简体字版)" and "潮州話一月通 (繁體字版)".

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