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1884 Map of Teochew: Kantō-shō Chōshū-fu yori Renshū-fu ni itaru 自廣東省惠州府海豐縣至同潮州府沿道略圖

Extract from 1884 Japanese survey map Kantō-shō Chōshū-fu yori Renshū-fu ni ita 自廣東省惠州府海豐縣至同潮州府沿道略圖, showing the coastal settlements of Teochew prefecture from Huilai county 惠來縣, Teo-yor county 潮陽縣, Swatow port 汕頭埠 to Haiyor county 海陽縣 (now Teo-Ann 潮安) and Teochew Prefectural City 潮州府.

Full resolution map available at the Library of Congress,

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Remembering Terence Tan: Preserving and Propagating Teochew Culture and History with a Sincere Heart

Mr Terence Tan was a Teochew collector from Singapore and an accomplished researcher of Teochew modern history. The mere mention of his name draws praise from people with a keen interest in Teochew cultural history. He collected and organised extensive volumes of documents, music records, and old photographs related to Teochew. He also edited a book titled Memories of Old Swatow and enthusiastically supported other researchers in publishing their work, including articles, books, and magazines. His contributions to the research and dissemination of Teochew cultural history were immense. 

Even until the last days of his life in 2021, Terence was busy organising the materials he had on his computer to share with friends in various countries. In the blink of an eye, we approach the third anniversary of Terence’s passing. The Teochew Store reached out to his family and close friends, collecting documentary materials to revisit his acquaintance and contributions to Teochew cultural history through different perspectives.

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Tensions between modernisation and cultural preservation: The Teochew Store presentation at Crescent Girls' School

The Teochew Store was honoured to be invited to present our experience in revitalising the Teochew language to a class of secondary three students participating in the Talent Development Programme (TDP) at Crescent Girls’ School, an esteemed secondary school in Singapore.

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Teochew through the eyes of its visitors: Adele M. Fielde's "Woman in China"

8th March is International Women’s Day. On this special day, we share Adele M. Fielde’s insightful observations, as an American Baptist Christian missionary, on the lives of women in Teochew 145 years ago. It is to the sacrifices of many of these women whom we owe what we have today.

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