Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions: Kickstarter Campaign Update 6

We have reached our funding goal!


Words cannot describe our joy! It has taken nearly four months for our small team to reach this point in this project. From conceptualisation to the research of Teochew words, initial illustrations and videos, preparation of Kickstarter campaign and rewards, to marketing… while still having to juggle with our day jobs.


We are currently 105% funded, thanks to our 81 generous backers from Singapore, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Denmark, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Malaysia.


We are also touched by the warm help given to us in publicity on Facebook by Gaginang friends from the following groups:


What does reaching our funding goal mean?


Firstly our Kickstarter does not officially end till 12:00 AM UTC+8 on 16 August 2022. We will carry on our ongoing efforts to tell more people about this project and the importance of passing on the gift of mother tongue to our children. Do continue to support us on this front!

首先,我们的Kickstarter筹款活动在2022年8月16日12:00 AM UTC+8才正式结束。我们仍有时间继续让更多的朋友认识到这个项目,意识到潮州话作为母语传给我们的孩子的重要性。请大家在这方面继续支持我们!

At the same time, we will kick off the production of our flashcards, videos and other rewards. Our aim is to deliver them to our backers in time for the Christmas season this year.


Plenty of work ahead. But we know it is worth it.
Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions is a set of multimedia flashcards developed by The Teochew Store to help children under 3 learn to speak Teochew together with their parents. To learn about this project or contribute to our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, please click here.

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