Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions: Kickstarter Campaign Update 3

We wanted to give you an update when we reach 50% of our crowdfunding amount. But your backings came thick and fast. We are now already past the 66% mark!

Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions is a set of multimedia flashcards developed by The Teochew Store to help children under 3 learn to speak Teochew together with their parents. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise at least S$6,500 (approximately US$4,630) to fund the production of its educational flashcards and videos.

We thank our backers from Singapore, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, France and even Denmark! And of course, many others, who continue to share about our project on social media and by word of mouth.

It is beginning to look possible to achieve our crowdfunding goal before our deadline on 15 August 2022 (more precisely at 12:00 AM UTC+8 on 16 August 2022). In the event that our project comes to life ahead of schedule, we will immediately commence with the production of our flashcards and other rewards (illustration, video production, printing, etc.). Starting work early gives us a better chance of delivering them to our backers ahead of Christmas this year.
以目前的进度来看,我们有可能在筹款截止日期2022年8月15日 (精确时间:2022年8月16日 12:00 AM UTC+8 )之前实现筹款目标。一旦达标,我们将立即投入早教图卡与礼品的生产制作(包括绘图、视频制作和印刷等)。这将给我们更多的时间,争取在今年圣诞节前把礼品寄到您手上。

We do think our flashcards make a lovely gift idea. Don’t you agree? *wink*

Early bird specials for our backers on Kickstarter are still available, although some are running out fast. Do support us now!

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