Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions: Kickstarter Campaign Update 1

We’re off to a Great Start! 我们有了一个很好的开始!

We are heartened to share that we have crossed the 20% mark of our crowdfunding, even though we are less than 48 hours into the campaign. Many thanks to our backers, who come from Singapore, the USA, Australia and the UK.

We are grateful also to Juyee of the blog “Learn Diosua Ue with Juyee 和如意學潮汕話”, who has kindly transcribed the script of our campaign video into Teochew peng’im.
我们也非常感谢“Learn Diosua Ue with Juyee 和如意學潮汕話”的博主——张如意女士特别为本项目的潮语视频注音。https://learnteochewwithjuyee.blogspot.com/

Currently, there is a lack of material for young children to learn our Teochew mother tongue. With your full partnership and support, “Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions” can help fill this gap.

To contribute or to learn more about our project, please visit: bit.ly/3aIEgHm


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