Teochews in France

For over 200 years till the mid-20th century, Southeast Asia was the primary migration destination for the Teochew people. However, as the result of various wars and upheavals in the 1970s, tens of thousands of Teochew families in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were forced to resettle again in France. Watch this documentary produced by Shantou Television in 1997 to hear the stories of how these Teochews who arrived in a foreign land as refugees courageously re-established their lives in Europe.


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  • TeochewHokkienTENTHOUSANDAGES says...

    Greetings again, TeochewStore!

    Further supporting your good work:

    “There are no such things as coincidence”;
    Both French and Teochew/Hokkien peoples share a very striking similarity, and from what I can see, a totally unique one, in that there probably exists no other parallel case.

    “Romance” and “Sinitic” languages are called the 2 biggest language families in the world.
    French and Teochew/Hokkien are BOTH the one-and-only clear outliers of the bunch respectively; linguistically the most outstandingly dissimilar from the rest (lexically and phonologically, etc.); AND in terms of the peoples, clearly ethnically dissimilar from all the rest in those “groups”.
    (In the case of French, for example, both the phonology and the ethnicity are said to be Germanic etc. rather than Latin/Romance… INCLUDING the very name of the country itself.)

    (I’m sure you can fill in the rest.)

    Fascinating, huh!

    January 20, 2023

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