Watch TV or listen to radio from Teochew on your smartphone? - Now You Can (Part 2)

Continuing from our earlier introduction of the 汕头橄榄台 app by  Shantou Radio and Television Station (STRTV), we review this week the 红桃粿 app by  Chaozhou Broadcast Television (CZBTV, 潮州广播电视台).


红桃粿 ("Ang Tho Gue") is the mobile platform to access local news on official announcements, current affairs, entertainment and cultural information in the Teochew (Chaozhou) city area.

Official iOS and Android versions of this app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store and Tencent App Store respectively. 

First impression from surfing through the app is that it is merely an old-style website reconfigured. Produced by the local government-run television station, it is overload with news articles, propaganda reels and clips on many aspects of Teochew culture - but mainly in Mandarin. Navigation and video-downloading experiences were disappointing. But nonetheless the app does have gems that would excite any in search of Teochew-related media content.

Upon installing and opening the app, you can find at the top of the app's interface the main menu bar, with choice of more selection options available from the right-hand drop-down arrow. The most interesting contents are found under the 点播 ("on-demand") page, where you can choose to click and watch by episodes the station's more popular programmes.

We recommend the following:

("Stories from the Teochew Arch Street") - this is a prime-time drama series featuring different families and characters running their businesses on the most famous street of Teochew (Chaozhou). Now into its second season, it brings you into the daily lives of the middle-class folks in this historical city as they deal modernity and changing values.

老震说吧 ("Old Tsing Says") - the host of the show Old Tsing discusses in light-hearted manner the odd and funny happenings in China and elsewhere. It also features comedy skits that will bring out a laugh or two from viewers.

微电影 (Short Films) - not a television programme, but a compilation of the top entries in a competition called "中国梦 - 潮州美" (“China dreams, Teochew beauty"). Some the films and documentaries are in Teochew language, others in Mandarin, but they share the common theme of showcasing Teochew traditions and culture. The Teochew Store has featured a couple of them, such as My Little Devil in Chaozhou 《缘来潮州》and Teochew Opera 潮劇紀錄片


If you love to eat, you will be delighted also to known the main menu of the app has a 搜食 ("Food Search") selection that has recipes for different Chinese dishes and delicacies.

The Teochew spoken in programmes produced by CZBTV belongs to the Teochew Prefectural City (Chaozhou) form, which most overseas Teochews (originating from the coastal districts where people speak in harsher-sounding tones) may need some getting used to.

On the whole, 红桃粿 has tremendous potential, but its functionality is at the moment disappointing and hopefully there will be improvements soon.

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  • QKC says...

    CZBTV website was not accessible for the past 3 months . The 红桃粿 app is not working either. looks like the website is blocked from users outside of China. Any idea what is the reason?

    March 31, 2018

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