1884 Map of Teochew: Kantō-shō Chōshū-fu yori Renshū-fu ni itaru 自廣東省惠州府海豐縣至同潮州府沿道略圖

Extract from 1884 Japanese survey map Kantō-shō Chōshū-fu yori Renshū-fu ni ita 自廣東省惠州府海豐縣至同潮州府沿道略圖, showing the coastal settlements of Teochew prefecture from Huilai county 惠來縣, Teo-yor county 潮陽縣, Swatow port 汕頭埠 to Haiyor county 海陽縣 (now Teo-Ann 潮安) and Teochew Prefectural City 潮州府.


Full resolution map available at the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/92682891/

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