My Teochew Family Story Sharing: "Trivia Tales from Shatin 沙田人琐事 - 介绍" by Ben Choi

This is a story written specially in traditional Teochew text and read in Teochew (full text available below):

Trivia Tales from ShatinTeochew Culture Club

About the author:

Ben Choi is a member of the Teochew Culture Club 潮汕文化協進會 in Hong Kong. The society's objective is to promote Teochew language and culture.

Its members have developed an app named 《潮語作田人》(both Android and Apple versions), which is highly useful for learners of the Teochew language. There are lessons learning and a Teochew story book, all are together with Teochew recordings to facilitate learning.

You may find out more and connect with the Teochew Culture Club at its website: and Facebook page:

This submission by Ben Choi, a Teochew born in Hong Kong, is the second of four selected entries from our My Teochew Family Story Sharing selected for publication this November. Ben won for himself a full-set of the Scenes of Teochew-3D postcards.
You may be interested also to read the earlier submission by Elizabeth Koh from Singapore.

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  • Peter Y Lam says...

    A big job beautifully done.

    Congratulations, Ben.


    November 12, 2015

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