Tensions between modernisation and cultural preservation: The Teochew Store presentation at Crescent Girls' School

The Teochew Store was honoured to be invited to present our experience in revitalising the Teochew language to a class of secondary three students participating in the Talent Development Programme (TDP) at Crescent Girls’ School, an esteemed secondary school in Singapore.

During the one-and-a-half-hour session on 5 March 2024, we discussed the tensions between modernisation and cultural preservation. The students learned about what is the Teochew language (or Teochew Ue 潮州話), its evolution with the history of the Teochew people, and the many gems of wisdom about life it encapsuled. We also shared about the projects The Teochew Store has undertaken and our challenges and successes. Interaction with the students was lively and engaging.

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