Spoken Dioziu 潮州話口語 - full course on YouTube

We are systematically uploading the Spoken Diozu 《潮州話口語》 self-learning course onto YouTube for all who wish to learn or improve speaking, listening and reading 🧐 in Teochew.

The video to Level 1 Lesson 1 can be found below.

The audio and subtitles (in English and Teochew) materials are adapted from the original publication of the same title (1989) edited by 林伦伦 and 黄章恺.

The course has three levels, each with 12 conversations on the following six topics that focus on common daily interactions:
A Chance Meeting (相遇);
Calling on Someone (拜訪);
Shopping (購物);
Travelling (旅行);
Sightseeing (遊覽); and
Get together (歡聚)
Happy learning 😊

Spoken Dioziu is also available for free download in Mp3 sound/srt subtitle  format here


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