List of Towns and Villages in Teochew in 1946 潮州各縣局鄉鎮名表

Source: 《马来亚潮侨通鉴》, 新加坡 : 南岛出版社, 1950.


Teo-an 潮安 (Chao'an)


Thenghai 澄海 (Chenghai)


Jaopeng 饒平 (Raoping)

Gek-yor 揭陽 (Jieyang)

Teo-yor 潮陽 (Chaoyang)

Pholeng 普寧 (Puning)

Huilai 惠来 (Huilai)

Hongsun 豐順 (Fengshun)

Namoa 南澳 (Nan'ao)

Tuapou 大埔 (Dapu)


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