Top 100 Surnames in Teochew (updated 10 June 2018)

Below is a list of the top 100 most common surnames in the Teochew region:

(Update:amendments made to reflect the correct pronunciations of the following surnames - 韋, 顏, 史, 藍, 戴, 方, 倪, as well as additions of other surnames 單/单, 區/区, 查 and 費/费. Special thanks to our reader Lee Kheng Nguan for his contributions)

Rank  Surname       Common romanisation (peng’im) Approximate no.
No.1  陳/陈   Tan (dang5)   1.52 million
No.2 Lim (lim5)   1.05million
No.3  黃  Ng (ng5) 900,000
No.4 吳/吴 Goh, Gouw (ghou5) 600,000
No.5 鄭/郑  Tay, Teh (dên7)*  560,000
No.6 李  Lee (li2) 540,000
No.7 張/张   Teo (diên1)* 510,000
No.8 王   Heng (hêng5)   430,000
No.9 蔡  Chua (tshua3) 420,000
No.10 劉/刘 Lau, Liew, Low (lau5) 370,000
No.11 楊/杨   Yeo, Yeoh(iên5)* 360,000
No.12 許/许    Koh (kou2) 310,000
No.13 謝/谢 Chia, Seah (zia7), Chea  260,000
No.14 莊/庄 Chng (tsang1)  230,000
No.15 Png (bng1, or bung1) 190,000
No.16 Kueh, Koay, Quay, Kwek, Quek,Kwok (guêh4) 190,000
No.17 Chew (ziu1) 160,000
No.18 曾   Chan (zang1)   150,000
No.19 洪   Ang (ang5)   140,000
No.20 余   Ee, Eu (e5)   140,000
No.21 邱   Khoo (ku1)   130,000
No.22 馬/马 Bey, Beh, Baey (bhê2)  130,000
No.23 朱   Choo (zu1)   130,000
No.24 賴/赖   (nai6)   120,000
No.25 蕭/萧     Seow, Siau, Siow (sieu1)   110,000
No.26 (ziem1) 110,000
No.27 Leow, Liau, Liow (lieu7)   110,000
No.28 Yeo (iê5) 110,000
No.29 Kang (gang1) 100,000
No.30 羅/罗 Lo, Lor, Law (lo5) 100,000
No.31 蘇/苏 Soh (sou1) 100,000
No.32 盧/卢 Loh (lou5) 100,000
No.33 鐘/钟 (zêng1) 90,000
No.34 葉/叶 Yap (hieb8) 90,000
No.35 溫/温 (ung1) 90,000
No.36 Chee, Cher, Cheu (ce5), Chyr, Tri (Vietnamese) 90,000
No.37 Sim (sim2) 80,000
No.38 Oh, Aw (ou5) 80,000
No.39 (en1) 75,000
No.40 Puah(puan1)* 75,000
No.41 Peh, Phe(pên5)* 74,000
No.42 孫/孙 Sng, Soon(seng1) 70,000
No.43 Ho (ho5) 68,000
No.44 Toh (dou6) 63,000
No.45 趙/赵 Teo, Teoh (diên6)* 63,000
No.46 Gwee, Gui (ghui7) 60,000
No.47 鄧/邓 Teng (dêng6) 55,000
No.48 Ko, Kor (go1) 54,000
No.49 紀/纪 Kee (gi7) 52,000
No.50 (gua1) 50,000
No.51 呂/吕 Lee, Leu, Ler (le6) 45,000
No.52 連/连 Hia/Heah/Hir (hian5) 40,000
No.53 Tang, Tng (deng5) 37,000
No.54 Seah, Siah (sia5) 36,000
No.55 (ghoi5) 36,000
No.56 韋/韦 Wee (ui5) 36,000
No.57 Teng (dêng1) 36,000
No.58 (uêng5) 35,000
No.59 Boon (bhung5) 33,000
No.60 陸/陆 Lek, Loke (log8) 33,000
No.61 Hau (hou5) 32,000
No.62 歐/欧 Ow, Au (au1) 32,000
No.63 顏/颜 Hia/Heah/Hir (hian5 or ngang5) 30,000
No.64 (ziên1) 29,000
No.65 鄒/邹 Chou, Choh (zou1) 28,000
No.66 藍/蓝 Lam (na5) 27,000
No.67 Neo (nio5/niê5) 26,000
No.68 馮/冯 Pang (bang5) 25,000
No.69 Hia/Heah/Hir (hian5) 24,000
No.70 (gu1) 23,000
No.71 麥/麦 (bhêh8) 23,000
No.72 (guan1)* 23,000
No.73 韓/韩 Han (hang5) 23,000
No.74 Tai, Dai (do3) 22,000
No.75 範/范 (huam6) 20,000
No.76 Tng, Teung (thng1) 20,000
No.77 (di5) 20,000
No.78 Toh (doh4) 19,000
No.79 Poh (bou3) 19,000
No.80 Kim (gim1) 18,000
No.81 (bang5) 18,000
No.82 Hah, Hay (hê7) 18,000
No.83 Chan, Chang(cang5) 18,000
No.84 Ching, Chin (cing5) 18,000
No.85 Boo (bhu5) 17,000
No.86 嚴/严 Ngiam, Giam (ngiam5) 16,000
No.87 Song (song3) 16,000
No.88 (iu5) 16,000
No.89 (sih4) 16,000
No.90 Ser, Seu, Sze (sai2) 14,000
No.91 (si1) 13,000
No.92 Chioh, Cheoh (ziêh8) 13,000
No.93 Thia (tian5) 12,000
No.94 Chow (cau5) 12,000
No.95 (liu2) 11,000
No.96 貝/贝 (buê6) 11,000
No.97 (sing1) 11,000
No.98 (uang1) 10,000
No.99 Tong (dang2) 10,000
No.100 (gou2) 10,000

 Other surnames:

  • 單/单 (siam5)
  • 區/区 (ao1)
  • 查(za1)
  • 費/费(bi3)
  • 覃 (cing5)
  • 段 (duang6)
  • 賈/贾 (gia2)
  • 姜 (giang1)
  • 龔/龚 (giong2)
  • 顧/顾 (gou3)
  • 黎 (loi5)
  • 萬/万 (mog8)

*peng-im symbol "n" indicates nasal sound.

Do let us know if you know of other forms of romanisation for any of the above surnames that should be added.


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  • Alec Hir says...

    Dear Administrator,

    Please make a correction to the pronunciation of No.63 顏/颜 Hia/Heah/Hir (hian5 or ngang5)… it is incorrectly stated as “hian5” or “ngang5”.. it should be either “Hia1” or “sound similar to Hare or Heer”. Also, please delete “ngang5” which is a Cantonese or Hokkien’s pronunciation.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Best regards,
    Alec Hir

    July 27, 2019

  • Rose chea says...

    In Cambodia, the Teochew surname 谢 is romanized as Chea.

    June 11, 2018

  • Christy Rose says...

    My maternal family’s Teochew surname is romanized as Chyr, pronounced “Cher” as in #36 above. My grandparents moved to Vietnam when they got married and the spelling was changed to Tri to appear more Vietnamese but was still pronounced the same way.

    June 11, 2018

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