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Let's Test Your Teochew (5) 來!來!考考你的潮州話 (五)

Are you getting better at this?


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Let's Test Your Teochew 來!來!考考你的潮州話 - 2 More Videos

Here are our two latest videos for your Teochew language challenge! 

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Let's Test Your Teochew (1) 來!來!考考你的潮州話 (一)

How well can you speak Teochew? 你的潮州話說的怎麼樣?
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Teochew for English Speakers – a Grandfather’s Effort to Pass on Our Language Heritage

Meet Mr Tan Peng Boon, a 78-year-old grandfather in Singapore. He is a Teochew and nine years ago he created a website with the goal of enabling English-speakers to pick up the Teochew language. Remarkably, the retiree took upon himself to learn how to build a website in order to realise this.

The Teochew Store recently spoke with Mr Tan to find out the story behind his passion to keep alive his Teochew heritage and his “Teochew for English Speakers” website.

“Teochew for English Speakers” can be accessed from

Video of Mr. Tan's grandsons doing a lively recitation of Teochew nursery rhyme “A Pear Tree on the Hilltop”):

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5 Teochew Songs to Start Your Day 五首開啟新一天的潮語歌

How about kicking off the first week of the New Year with 5 Teochew songs to start your day? 😃

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Conversational Teochew In A Month - Anki Flashcards in Simplified Chinese

This took us a while 😅, but we are pleased to share that our Conversational Teochew in a Month (潮州话一月通) Anki flashcards are now available in simplified Chinese.
"Conversational Teochew In A Month" is a text-cum-audio self-learning course that is available for free download in both mp3 sound file + .srt subtitle and Audiobook (.epub file) formats from The Teochew Store website, as well as on our YouTube channel.
Instructions to download our free Conversational Teochew in a Month Anki flashcards and how to use the Anki system can be found on our product page,
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Spoken Dioziu 潮州話口語 - full course on YouTube

We are systematically uploading the Spoken Diozu 《潮州話口語》 self-learning course onto YouTube for all who wish to learn or improve speaking, listening and reading 🧐 in Teochew.

The video to Level 1 Lesson 1 can be found below.

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New Teochew self-learning course: Spoken Dioziu 潮州話口語 (audio with English and written Teochew subtitles)

Spoken Diozu 《潮州話口語》is a step up from our popular Conversational Teochew In A Month 《潮州話一月通》 self-learning course. The audio and subtitles (in English and Teochew) materials are adapted from the original publication of the same title (1989) edited by 林伦伦 and 黄章恺.

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Brief Review – Primary Lessons in Swatow Grammar (Colloquial)

Read our brief review on Primary Lessons in Swatow Grammar (Colloquial), a Teochew grammar guide published in Swatow in 1884 by an American Baptist missionary. Rev. William Ashmore. Out of print for many decades, Primary Lessons in Swatow Grammar (Colloquial) is now selling on
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Learn Teochew - A YouTube Channel Created for English and Vietnamese Speakers

The Teochew Store gets behind the scenes to find out about the production of Learn Teochew, a YouTube channel for English and Vietnamese speakers to pick up basic conversational Teochew.
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