Support New Teochew Language Project - Teochew Conversations

Our Gaginang friends from the US who created the popular English-Teochew WhatTCSay app  (to download: Android version / iOs version) is launching a new project, Teochew Conversations 

Teochew Conversations is a new video series featuring everyday conversation on a variety of topics in Teochew.

The videos are promised to be professionally produced, fun, interesting, and will help all interested in learning Teochew.

Do consider contributing to the Teochew Conversations Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. 27 days to go! Click on link here to Kickstarter site.



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  • Tommy says...

    Just wanted to check if this new Teochew Conversations project will still be happening. This would be really helpful for learning more of my cultural language. Thank you!

    April 09, 2020

  • Bryan says...

    Hi there,
    Any news regarding this project?

    February 09, 2020

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