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Did you make a resolution in 2022 to learn Teochew? 🧐We are here to help.
The Teochew Store is pleased to announce the creation of our Spoken Dioziu (潮州話口語) Anki flashcards (available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) that contain over 650 commonly used Teochew short sentences, phrases and vocabulary terms.
Spoken Dioziu is a text-cum-audio self-learning course. It can be downloaded for free in mp3 sound file + .srt subtitle format from The Teochew Store website.
"Anki" (暗記), which means "memorisation" in Japanese, is a spaced repetition-flashcard software program. It can be used on computers as well as Android and iOs devices.
Instructions to download our Spoken Dioziu Anki flashcards and how to use the Anki system can be found from this link.
Besides the Spoken Dioziu self-learning course and Anki flashcards, The Teochew Store also has on our website (www. theteochewstore. org) the following resources for English speakers wishing to pick up or improve your Teochew:
  1. Conversational Teochew in a Month (潮州話一月通) - another text-cum-audio self-learning course, with corresponding Anki flashcards.
  2. Colloquial Teochew (New Edition) (新编潮州口语集释) - a book containing more than 7,000 entries of Teochew words/phrases, all marked with English explanations and Pinyin to help readers grasp the right pronunciation.
  3. Let's Speak Teochew (呾呾潮州话) – a book with 60 lessons of hand-picked common phrases (with English translations) that can be applied easily in everyday lives.
  4. 新潮汕字典: 精装版(普通话潮州话对照)- a handy Teochew-Mandarin dictionary.
  5. Handbook of the Swatow Vernacular - Handbook for English speakers to learn Teochew with contents presented a in series of structured lessons. Written in 1886 by Lim Hiong Seng, a native speaker and court interpreter in Singapore.
  6. First Lessons in the Swatow Dialect - A Teochew language learning book for English speakers with contents presented in well-structured lessons. Written by American Baptist missionary Adele Marion Fielde in 1878.
  7. First Lessons in the Tie-chiw Dialect 潮州話 - A highly useful Teochew-Chinese-English phrasebook for beginner learners. Written in 1841 by American Baptist church planter William Dean.
  8. A Pronouncing & Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect - A Chinese-English dictionary with Teochew peng'im pronunciation guide. Written in 1883 by Adele Marion Fielde.
  9. A Chinese & English Vocabulary in the Tie-chiu Dialect (2nd Edn)- Useful Teochew-Chinese to English dictionary, written by American Baptist missionary Rev Josiah Goddard (1888).
  10. English-Chinese Vocabulary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Swatow - based on the pioneer manuscript of Rev Rudolf Lechler, this English-Teochew (peng'im) dictionary was published in 1883 by Presbyterian missionary Rev William Duffus. This book contains no Chinese characters.
  11. Handbook of the Swatow Dialect with a Vocabulary - An early, and somewhat rudimentary, publication to teach English speakers Teochew, by Herbert Allen Giles of the British Consulate in Swatow, from in 1877.
  12. The courses of Conversational Teochew in a Month (in English/Simplified Chinese) and Spoken Dioziu (in English/Simplified Chinese and now Traditional Chinese) can also be viewed on the Teochew Store YouTube channel.
Spoken Chinese in Traditional Chinese on YouTube:

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