List of Teochew loanwords in Thai language

Thailand, also known in the past as Siam, was the first stop of the Teochew during a series of migratory waves from the 18th to 20th century. Bangkok today has by far the largest Teochew community anywhere outside China. While not a small number of Teochew-descendants living in Thailand now see themselves also as Thai, the Teochews have at the same time left their imprints in many aspects of local life, including the trade, commerce, food and, of course, language.

Taken from the research paper of a Danish scholar (Egerod, Søren. "Swatow Loan-words in Siamese." Acta Orientalia. 23. [1959]: 137-56.), below is a list of 181 Teochew loanwords found in the language of the Thai people:

To access the full paper Swatow Loan-words in Siamese, please click here to download via Dropbox.


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