Full list of Towns & Villages in Teo Ann county (circa 1958) 潮安縣都村列表

Teo Ann (variant: Teo-an, Teoann) (潮安, in Mandarin: Chao'an), known as Hai Yor (海陽) before 1914, is the oldest of the Teochew region's eight historical counties. It was formed under the Eastern Jin dynasty in 331. The seat of the newly-created Ngee Ann Commandery (義安郡) - forerunner of Teochew Prefecture, was established here in 413. This urban centre became the Teochew prefectural capital (潮州府城), or better known today as the Teochew (Chaozhou) ancient city (潮州古城).
Map from Qianlong Teochew prefectural gazette (乾隆潮州府志) circa 1762.
Teo Ann was economically important as it lies in the heart of the basin of the region's main waterway Hang-kang  (韓江), while Teochew prefectural capital was for centuries the most influential political, commercial and cultural hub of the whole part of eastern Guangdong. It is commonly denoted as "海邑" on the gravestones of the overseas Teochews with ancestry from here.
Below is a full list of towns & villages in Teo Ann county
Teochew prefectural capital neighbourhoods & outskirt villages
  • 城中 (七坊) :厚德、里仁、良極、生融、長養、仁賢、和睦.
  • 東廂 (六村):東津、水南、南窑、仙田、意溪、溪口
  • 廂 (四村):下寺、西岸、聖者亭、后溝
  • 西 (四村):楓溪、池湖、克坂頭、蔡西隴
  • (四村):上郭、花園、西塘、陳橋
Villages, according to township
  • 大和都(六村):英塘、鳳塘、青麻山、鶴隴、白蓮湖、大窖
  • 登雲都(五村):雲步、蒲洋、東隴、仙溪、飲亭(廢)
  • 登隆都(四村):涌州、塘東、源湖、洋尾
  • 隆津都(三村):三英塘、湖莊、西隴
  • 南桂都(五村):南界(改屬澄海)、梅溪、西洋、橫溪、園頭市
  • 上莆都(五村):山莆、橫隴、采塘、冷頭、下尾
  • 東莆都(四村):謝傘(廢)、沙溪、山兜、山后
  • 秋溪都,分三堡,凡三十村: 
    • 秋溪堡 (十村):左拨、白石、英坑、石虎、峒岡湖、青峯、象山、鹽水坑、黃竹洋、邱大窟
    • 官塘堡(十一村):侯山、羊山、磁竈、上溪、湖兜、蘇寨、龜湖、鴨洋、下溪、潭頭、小官塘
    • 筆圃堡(九村):筆山、溪尾、寺前(廢)、東山、鹿景、小溪、大馬頭、白水湖、奕東山
  • 龍溪都(十八村):官路、許隴、大鑑、柯隴、大馬隴、馬仔隴、黃隴、莊隴、郭隴、梅林(廢)、東隴、薛隴、潘隴、西隴、劉隴、溪頭、仙溪、陳歧隴
  • 江東都(四村):葱園(後屬南桂都)、員山、獨樹、橫坦
  • 水南都(四村):塔下、上下坑、饒砂、溪尾
  • 登榮都(三村):𪚧湖、山洋、曲灣
  • 歸仁都(五村):北徑、浮岡、橫溪、楓洋、福全
Cities & market towns (墟市)
  • 庵埠市(渡頭庵墟)、浮洋墟、雲步墟、彩塘墟、意溪墟、楓溪墟、金石官墟、大窖墟、龍湖墟
Source: Biographies of Overseas-Teochew leaders with History of Teochew districts《南洋潮僑人物志與潮州各縣沿革史》,編著者周漢人,新加坡:中華出版社,1958
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