Teochew Short Film 潮语微电影: “Yeo Bhue Eng"《杨梅英》

“Yeo Bhue Eng"《杨梅英》is a film about the life of a former Teochew opera adolescent actress who performed by the same name (real name Ang Hui Eng 洪惠英). Sold to an opera troupe at the age of 7, she became famous by 15 and was married to a man she loved five years later. However when she was 37, her husband became a victim of the Cultural Revolution and she was left to bring up their five children alone.

Produced in 2011, this film was a graduation project by a group of Teochew students from the Shenzhen University College of Mass Communication. Its director Lim Cung Suang 林淳爽 is a granddaughter of the late Yeo Bhue Eng.

Director: 林淳爽; Producer: 方宁; Assistant Director: 罗玉娟; Camera: 殷天娇; Executive Producer: 吴曼青; Art Director: 陈家玲 

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