Colloquial Teochew (New Edition) 新编潮州口语集释


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Colloquial Teochew (New Edition) is a 420-page new and upgraded version of Colloquial Teochew (2017). It now comprises more than 7,000 entries of Teochew words/phrases, all marked with Pinyin to help readers grasp the right pronunciation. For the overseas "ga-gi-nang" who loves the Teochew dialect, this book is a precious keepsake which can be passed on to generation after generation.

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 吴英俊 (英准),祖籍广东潮州潮安彩塘,新加坡第四代的侨生。1963年毕业于新加坡师资训练学院马来系,后考获伦敦大学校外文凭。曾担任中学马来语文教师凡四十载。2000年退休后对自己的母语感到特别兴趣,开始到处汇集和研究潮州口语。因资料越收越多,才开始亲自打字,造字和排版,最后印刷成书。编著者有《潮州口语集释》(2017),《呾呾潮州话》(2018)。

ISBN: 978-981-14-6787-5
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