Spoken Dioziu - Anki Flashcards (with audio & English & Traditional/Simplified Chinese text)


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A decks of Anki flashcards with more than 650 commonly used Teochew short sentences, phrases and vocabulary terms to help users who wish to revise and have a structured means for further practice of the phrases from the  Spoken Dioziu  (潮州話口語) text-cum-audio  Teochew language self-learning program. These flashcards may be used on computers as well as Android/iOs devices.

You may download  Spoken Dioziu - Anki Flashcards for free. However if you wish also to support us at The Teochew Store in continuing to provide and developing similar Teochew language learning resources, you can leave us a tip here.

親愛的網友,您可以免費下載 《潮州話口語》。如果您樂意支持潮舖的長遠發展,為大家提供更多相關的潮州方言學習資料,歡迎點擊這裡贊助我們。

You may download a free copy of the Spoken Dioziu course (available in mp3 sound file + .srt subtitle in either Traditional or Simplified Chinese) from here: Spoken Dioziu 潮州話口語 (audio with English and written Teochew subtitles)


What is Anki

"Anki" (暗記), which means "memorisation" in Japanese, is a spaced repetition-flashcard software program. Here is a video introducing the Anki software and how to use it:

To Use Spoken Dioziu Anki Cards

Before you use Spoken Dioziu Anki flashcards, you need to first download and install the Anki software, which is available for different types of devices:

1. Desktop/laptop computers - click here to download

2. Android devices - AnkiDroid - click here to download from Google Play

3. iOs devices - AnkiMobile - click here to purchase and download from iTunes

Disclaimer: The Teochew Store has no commercial or other affiliation with the developers of Anki or its mobile apps. Our recommendations are based solely on the functionality and compatibility of the relevant applications. 

After downloading the programs and installing them on your computer/device (using instructions provided by the software/app providers), go to our "Spoken Dioziu - Anki Flashcards" product page, add it to cart and then complete the check-out process. A link to download to decks will be sent automatically to an email address you provide. 

After saving the decks to your computer/device, open the Anki program and then "import" them from the file menu on the top left. 

1. To start your revision, first select the deck you wish to study and click on it.

2. Click again on "Study Now"  and Anki automatically selects a number cards for you to revise for the day.

3. Each card will first show a Teochew vocabulary item or phrase/sentence, written in Chinese and accompanied by an English translation.

4. Try to say out the vocabulary term or phrase/sentence in Teochew. Once done, click "Show Answer".

5. The same vocabulary term or phrase/sentence will be  displayed again, this time with its audio reading played out. If you are satisfied that you got the correct answer, rate your performance by selecting "Good" or "Easy". If not, choose "Again" to revise the same card in the current session. 

 A video demonstration is shown below:

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