8 Festivals of a Year 3D-Postcards: Lantern Festival Night 时年八节立体明信片: 元宵


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Celebrating festivals with family and friends is very much part of the Teochew way of life. What can be more heart-warming and fun than to receive a written 3D-post card on a special day from someone who cares?

Designed by Dana Lin, one of the most recognised graphic artist in Swatow, Eight Festivals of a Year  is a unique collection of 3D-Postcards that feature the most important dates on the traditional Chinese calendar: the Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival Night, Ching Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Winter Solstice and Chinese New Year's Eve.

Each card comes with an additional back-up stand that allows also space to write your message. 






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Lin Danna

The Designer: This set of beautiful postcards is the original creation of Dana Lin, a graphic designer and artist from Swatow. Since graduation she has chosen to pursue an independent career path and her drawings have graced the Chinese language educational publication of the Asahi Press from Japan and featured in a personal exhibition held in a major bookstore chain in Guangzhou. Her deepest passion is to illustrate and share in picture memories of growing in Swatow and to promote the Teochew and broader Chinese culture.

插画师介绍: 跳叫板,本名林丹娜,汕头人,她的绘画有着直抵人心的温暖。毕业后没有走上专业相关的从业之路,而是延续儿时梦想,遵循兴趣,投身平面设计和绘画。凭借努力及独特画风,她在圈内已小有名气。她曾为日本朝日出版社的中国语教材画过封面和插图,在广州联合书店办过个人画展……用画笔书写潮汕,用作品记录童年记忆,用插画新形态传播中国传统文化。

instagram: danaillustration
e-mail: iamldn@qq.com


Instructions for setting 3D effect 立体明信片制作教程:

1. Gently press along the perforated lines on the postcard; 将明信片的切线轻轻拆开;

2. As illustrated, follow the fold lines to "pop" the 3D sections to 90 degrees; 如图,沿着折线做90度翻折;


3. Stick strips double-sided tape on the opposite flat surface. 如图,在没有立体的背面粘上双面胶或..

4. Fold back-up stand (included in package) into L-shape and paste it back-to-back with the 3D postcard  将附送的黑卡纸折成L型,粘在明信片...

5. Complete! 时年八节立体明信片之中元节——大功...

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