The History of The Great And Mighty Kingdom of China and The Situation Thereof: Vol II


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Originally published in 1586 under the title Historia de las cosas más notables, ritos y costumbres del gran reyno de la China, this book by Spanish Augustinian priest Juan González de Mendoza is said to be the first full length account of China since the famous Travels of Marco Polo three centuries earlier. It contains the observations of several Spanish travelers in 16th century Ming China and an English translation by Robert Parke appeared in 1588.

The later work was reprinted by the Hakluyt Society in two volumes in 1854. The second volume, available for free download here in pdf format, has an extensive account of Limahon (Lim Hong 林鳳, a.k.a. Lim Ah Hong 林亚鳳), a Teochew pirate chief who in his day ruled the seas off the southern Chinese coast. Considered in history as an enigma, Mendoza's writings provides an in-depth look into the life and activities of Limahon, including his rivalry with another notorious Teochew corsair Vintoquian (Lim To Khiam 林道乾), defiant resistance against the Ming imperial authority, and a brazen, but ultimately fateful, attempt to capture Manila from its Spanish colonists.

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