Found You! 找到了!


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Tiang and Teck went to the street opera performance with grandma and mum. However they went missing just as the show was starting. Po Po and Ma Ma searched the entire stage, but they were nowhere to be found. This was when the opera began...

Found You! features vivid hand-drawn illustrations accompanied by simple and colloquial language. Readers will be drawn into a beautiful world of traditional Chinese opera and indulge in the joy of reading, exploration and imagination. Text in English and Chinese.


本绘本,《找到了!》, 以浅白清晰 的口语文字搭配生动活泼的手绘图画,让读者浏览每一页时,深深被精简的文字和丰富的图像吸引。同时发掘和认识中华戏曲的精彩世界,让阅读增添探索和想象的乐趣。

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Publisher 出版社: 南华潮剧社 Nam Hwa Opera,杨启霖潮州文化研究中心 Yeo Khee Lim Teochew Culture Research Centre , 2022
ISBN: 9789811831720