Exploring the World of Opera 穿越戏曲世界


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Exploring the World of Opera is a bilingual illustration book that gives a comprehensive introduction to the art of traditional Chinese opera. It tells a story of two children, Nam and Hwa Hwa, who stumbled into the rich and mysterious world of opera, where they began to learn the many ins and outs of this performance art. This 60-page handbook combines explanatory text with lively images and drawings and colouring activity sheets,  and is ideal as material to help children discover the Chinese opera culture. 

《穿越戏曲世界》是本介绍华人传统戏曲艺术的双语绘本。本书讲述了小南和华华两兄妹偶然进入了丰富而神秘的戏曲世界,开始认识、学习戏曲的故事。 这本 60 页的绘本图文结合紧密,画面精美,并附带儿童脸谱涂鸦,从孩子的角度讲述戏曲表演文化

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Publisher 出版社: 南华潮剧社 Nam Hwa Opera, 2020