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Teochew Short Film 潮语微电影: “Yeo Bhue Eng"《杨梅英》

“Yeo Bhue Eng"《杨梅英》is a film about the life of a former Teochew opera adolescent actress who performed by the same name (real name Ang Hui Eng 洪惠英). Sold to an opera troupe at the age of 7, she became famous by 15 and was married to a man she loved five years later. However when she was 37, her husband became a victim of the Cultural Revolution and she was left to bring up their five children alone.

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Making Sense of Teochew Opera - the Young Shoulders that bore a 500-year-old Tradition

Teochew opera is said to have over 1200 traditional plays that fall into two broad categories - those adapted from the 12th century nanxi 南戲 from Southeast China as well as chuanqi 傳奇, and others derived popular local lores including romance tales and ghost stories... The most dramatic episodes however were the ones played out behind the scenes that were summed up by this Qing Qianlong era (1736 to 1796) saying:

“Parents uneducated in morals, sell their children to act in shows. The sounds of music ring aloud, the tears drip one by one.”
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Making Sense of Teochew Opera - origin, history & performance 160 years ago

Teochew opera, or Teochew-hee 潮州戲 –  an amazing synthesis of drama, music, singing, poetics, acrobatics, colourful costumes and folk art, is the highest expression of the Teochew culture. And rightly so, after all it is a show for the deities. Learn about its origin, history and an eye witness account of its performance 160 years ago.
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Teochew Celebration of the Chinese New Year in Pictures【光影潮州】乡里热闹的春节


For the Teochews, the Chinese New Year is the grandest and most important festive period. All across the Teochew region, people mark the occasion with activities strongly rooted in local tradition. Through the camera lens of avid photographer Ling Shyue Miin, we bring you a series of extraordinary images capturing how villages in Teochew welcome the Year of the Monkey.


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New Direct Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Swatow Announced

Amidst the cheers of the ongoing Chinese New Year celebrations, Malaysian budget airline AirAsia has announced the launch of a four-times weekly direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Swatow. Operations of the route will commence from March 25, 2016 and is expected to boost family visitations between Teochews in Malaysia and China.  

The Chaoshan Jieyang International Airport, which serves the Teochew region, is currently connected internationally to Singapore (Jetstar), Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei (China Southern Airlines), and domestically to a host of major cities in mainland China, including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.

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2016 Teochew New Year Song 潮州电视台金猴年新年歌

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Teochew Chinese New Year Song 潮州新年歌曲:擔句好話賀新年

Not a exactly new New Year Song, but trendy and uplifting for all Gaginang. 祝福大家新年快樂,萬事如意

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Three Must-Have Mobile Apps for Learning Teochew Language Part 3: 新概念潮州话

Over the past two weeks we reviewed two Teochew language mobile learning app produced by overseas Teochews, namely 潮語作田人 (TeoAPP) app and WhatTCSay. This week we look at 新概念潮州话 that is a product from mainland China. 
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Three Must-Have Mobile Apps for Learning Teochew Language Part 2: What Teochew Say (WhatTCSay)

Following up on our review of the 潮語作田人 (TeoAPP) app last week, The Teochew Store cast our eyes on something many of us overseas Teochews have long wished for – What Teochew Say (WhatTCSay in short),  a Teochew language learning app for English speakers!
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Three Must-Have Mobile Apps for Learning Teochew Language Part 1: 潮語作田人 (TeoAPP)

The New Year is the time to make resolutions. For many of us as overseas Teochews, picking up or improving our spoken Teochew is surely on top of our list.

The Teochew Store has identified three must-have mobile apps that can help us achieve this goal, and this week we review the 潮語作田人 (TeoAPP) produced by the Teochew Culture Club (潮汕文化協進會) in Hong Kong.

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Teochew Song: "Living in Swatow" 潮州流行歌曲《活在汕头》

Teochew Hip-hop!

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Teochew Short Film 潮语微电影: "Father and Son" 《父仔》

A story centred on the understanding, communications, contradictons and love between the father and son of an ordinary Teochew family. 

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Teochew Song: "Walking Hand In Hand" 潮州流行歌曲《手牵手行》

Falling in love with Teochew music already...

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Teochew Short Film 潮语微电影: My Little Devil in Chaozhou 《缘来潮州》

When an American lost in Chaozhou meets a feisty local girl. Dialogues in English and Teochew language.
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My Teochew Family Story Sharing: "Always Be Filial 要行孝" by Heng Ui Tong 王炜中

I was born in Teochew (Chaozhou city). My paternal grandfather and grandmother died early. Ever since my first awareness of things around me, my parents never stopped emphasising in my education at home to “always be filial”...









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My Teochew Family Story Sharing: "My Special Teochew Family 特别的潮州家人" by Harada Ryotaro 原田燎太郎

"In Teochew I found love and family" - the heart-warming story of a Japanese in Teochew.
"在潮州,我收获了爱情和家庭" - 一名日本人在潮州的感人故事
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My Teochew Family Story Sharing: "Trivia Tales from Shatin 沙田人琐事 - 介绍" by Ben Choi

This is a story written specially in traditional Teochew text and read in Teochew by Ben Choi from Hong Kong.

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Recipe For Teochew Jellied Pork Skin 美食达人分享:美容养颜的潮州肉皮冻

Teochew Jellied Pork Skin

An authentic Teochew dish that is rice in collagen – jellied pork skin. It is inexpensive and highly suited for the dry autumn-winter spell.

一道富含胶原质的潮州菜 — 潮州肉皮冻。经济实惠,最适合在干燥的秋冬季节食用。

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My Teochew Family Story Sharing: "潮州一家人" by Elizabeth Koh

An article by Elizabeth Koh, a gaginang from Singapore: 

From as far back as I can recall, before I could speak or understand the dialect, my childhood was one filled with the sounds and syntax of Teochew. My lullaby was a pentatonic Teochew tune sang by my maternal grandmother...

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Poll of the Month: Ideally a Teochew should find another as life partner. Do you agree?

Share with the community, take part in our Poll of the Month.

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Teochew Song: "Dirty Faced Cat" 潮州流行歌曲《花面猫 》

The carefree days of childhood =)
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What Family Meant to the Teochew Forefathers

Red Head Junk
The Teochew migrants to Southeast Asia in the early 19th century were a rough lot. John Crawfurd, who led a British mission to Siam and was the second Resident of Singapore, described them as “the lowest in rank”, and “most noisy and unruly”. But the true character of these men can be discovered in two articles written by Teochew merchant Seah Eu Chin (Siah U Chin) in the late 1840s.
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Teochew Song: Tea Language 潮州流行歌曲:《茶语》

Tea Language《茶语》, a song of a Teochew working abroad reminiscing about family conversations at home. 

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Understanding The Teochew Family

The nuclear family – consisting a father, a mother, and their children, is considered the building block in most modern societies. For the Teochew people however the basic family unit is the one headed by the grandfather, and not the father, a structure that is underpinned by the belief that every person shoulders three core responsibilities in life: to honour the ancestors; to practice filial piety by caring for the parents; and to raise and nurture the next generation.
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我们要听您的故事: “My Teochew Family 潮州一家人”

The Teochew Store潮舖一岁啦!

为了庆祝我们的第一周年与答谢各位读者的支持,我们希望邀请您和大家分享您对主题 “My Teochew Family 潮州一家人”的故事.


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We want to hear your story: “My Teochew Family 潮州一家人”

The Teochew Store is turning ONE!

To celebrate this occasion and to thank all our readers, we would like to open the floor for you to share with all fellow Teochews your story on the theme “My Teochew Family 潮州一家人”.

Your story can be about your own family and relatives, any Teochew person(s) who has influenced your life, or a Teochew community that has helped you understand the meaning of “family”. Entries can be submitted in one of the following two ways...

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Recipe To Make Your Own Teochew-style Mooncake

As the mid-Autumn festival approaches, The Teochew Store has invited Tan Pia Hua 陈冰桦, a food lover and blogger from Teochew, to share her original recipe to make your own special taste Teochew-style mooncake.

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一年一度的中秋佳节又要来临,The Teochew Store 潮舖 特别邀请了潮汕资深美食达人陈冰桦,教大家如何自制潮式月饼。

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Hong Kong Chiu Chow Festival 香港潮州節

Hong Kong Chiu Chow (Teochew) Festival, 8 to 12 October 2015. Do visit to support if you are in town. For more information please visit the official event website
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Teochew Song: Ah Ma 潮州流行歌曲《阿嬷》

Ah Ma 阿嬷, a song for one of the most important persons in many of our lives. 

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