Restoring Teochew to Our Families 助力潮州话在家中的复兴

Parents, do you still remember the excitement of watching your newborn open his/her fingers for the first time? Or executing the first rollovers? Sitting up, standing, and walking?


All these “firsts” are swiftly achieved one after another. These are glorious days when new parents are still in a state of wonder, but the baby seems to know exactly what to do next as if he/she is pre-programmed. How many times are we led to believe our precious baby can master just about anything, and will one day become everything he/she is destined for?


Then the child learns to talk.


Suddenly the parent finds himself/herself the frequent object of intense attention from the toddler—listening intently and mimicking every sound from our mouth. Watching and following the movements of our lips that we are not even conscious of. Flattered by the child’s complete devotion, we work even harder to help him/her verbalise the words correctly. Repeating as often as needed to him/her succeed.

 突然间,爸爸妈妈们发现自己经常成为蹒跚学步的宝宝们强烈关注的对象——他们专心地听并模仿我们嘴里发出的每一个声音。他们观察和跟踪我们甚至无意识的嘴唇动作。 孩子的全身心投入让我们受宠若惊,我们也加倍努力地引导他(她),并根据他们的需求,不停地重复沟通和引导,直到他们成功发出正确的声音。

From here on, it is no longer about him or her. But about us. Talking builds communication. Communication builds relationships.

从这里开始,已不仅是关于宝宝个人的成长,而是关于我们与宝宝的关系。 因为语言建立沟通, 沟通建立关系。

Whereas the child sometimes needed only a helping hand to reach the next milestone in his/her physical development, he/she now needs our whole-hearted attention to learn to talk and to explore the world and life—emotionally, socially and spiritually.


Wa Si Teochew Kia – My First 120 Teochew Expressions is a set of multimedia flashcards developed by The Teochew Store to help children under 3 learn to speak Teochew together with their parents. The slogan of our project is “Restoring Teochew to Our Families”. We chose this for two reasons.


Firstly, because of our social environments and other factors, fewer and fewer overseas Teochew parents are teaching their children to speak Teochew. We want to reverse this trend by creating a “starter kit” that parents can use to put their little ones on their first baby steps on a lifelong journey of discovering Teochew, our mother tongue.


Secondly, we hope that our flashcards and videos can create windows of opportunity for parents, and even grandparents, to spend quality time with the children as they learn their first Teochew expressions at home. The resulting conversations and experiences will be unique and cannot be replicated by other toys, books or videos.


More than giving them a foundation in our mother tongue, we hope our children also learn Teochew is the language of home, and Teochew means family.



Our Wa Si Teochew Kia My First 120 Teochew Expressions crowdfunding campaign is in its final 3 days (closing on 16 August 2022 at 12:00 AM UTC+8). To contribute to our campaign and to get your set of Wa Si Teochew Kia My First 120 Teochew Expressions flashcards and videos at the special campaign price, click here to our Kickstarter page.

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